Cheap Car insurance for Ladies in Kenya

There has been a rise in special car insurance schemes for lady drivers in Kenya, products that are of much better value to the customer. These have benefits similar to traditional comprehensive motor insurance policy but they also include many add-ons that are targeted at lady customers at great discounts. In this article why ladies enjoy these exclusive packages and the most popular ladies car insurance products on the market in Kenya.

Why Ladies Car Insurance?

All across the world from the least to the most developed countries, ladies have been proven to statistically be better and safer drivers. This has resulted in insurance companies extending discounted pricing on car insurance policies not just here in Kenya but overseas as well. It is because of the reasons below that ladies enjoy these special pricing and packages:

  1. They drive for less hours
  2. They drive at lower speeds
  3. They rarely drive at night
  4. They are more cautious on the road
  5. They have fewer impaired driving convictions
  6. They take good car of their vehicle (repairs and storage)

In analysing the factors above, it was concluded that female drivers are have a much lower accident frequency, have less speeding tickets than their male counterparts. In fact, global statistics show that speeding is more likely to be a factor for men (24%) than for women (15%). Lastly, female car insurance policy holders are less likely to drive impaired or under influence of alcoholic substances (DUI). A research conducted in the USA, the FBI reported that 716,398 men were arrested for DUIs compared to 221,778 women in 2010.

However, for women in the UK and the EU, it is no longer possible to get a discount on insurance policies. The European Court of Justices’s gender ruling came into effect in December 2012 and had a huge impact on car insurance for women. It made it illegal for insurance companies to discriminate on price by using the gender of the applicant.

In Kenya, there are 2 popular car insurance products for women:

Lady Jubilee Car Insurance

Jubilee insurance offers many types of car insurance for private, commercial, PSV and special purpose vehicles. It also offers the Lady Jubilee Motor Insurance exclusively for Kenyan ladies. It is a full comprehensive cover with added benefits on top of the asset and liabilities cover.

The Lady Jubilee cover has 3 options that are based on the value of customer’s motor vehicle

Bronze:        For car value below 1,000,000

Silver:           For car value between KES 1,000,00 to KES 2,000,000

Platinum:    For car value that is above KES 2,000,000

In addition to the traditional car insurance cover, it also has the following benefits on the policy

Handbag contents AA Road Rescue
School fees on death Lady Jubilee Gift Pack
Home content insurance Aga Khan Medical check-up
Personal accident cover for insured Excess protector
Accommodation after accident Shopping vouchers
Forced ATM withdrawal Preloaded OIL Libya card

The cost of the Lady Jubilee cover is at 5% of the value of the insured vehicle with the minimum premium as KSh 20,000. With all the extra packed benefits on the policy, it makes the product very much value for money.

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CIC Lady Auto Car Insurance

CIC Insurance much like Jubilee also offers an exclusive product for ladies in addition to the other motor insurance packages for all customers.

CIC Lady Auto Insurance

The CIC Lady Auto motor insurance package contains the following benefits

  1. Courtesy Car
  2. Maximum of 24 days subject to an excess of the first three days
  3. Personal Accident Cover
  4. A shared Personal Accident cover for the nuclear family as a result of incidences involving the insured motor vehicle with the following benefits:
  5. A shared last expense cover for the nuclear family of Kshs. 100,000 as a result of incidences involving the insured motor vehicle.
  6. A personal Accident cover for one indoor employee whilst travelling in the insured motor vehicle with the following benefits.
  7. Trauma Counseling for persons involved in any incident• Reimbursement of third party medical expenses incurred up to maximum Ksh 50,000/-
  8. Replacement of Lost Car Keys following partial theft Up to a maximum of Ksh 5000/-
  9. Forced ATM Withdrawal Maximum Limit Ksh 15 000/-
  10. 24hr roadside assistance services countrywide and defensive driving and road safety seminars for AA Kenya members.

The insurance rates for this product start at 5% of the sum insured with a minimum of KSh 30,000. Vehicles to be insured on this product must not be more than 12 years old.


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CIC Car Insurance Cover

CIC is the market leader in car insurance in Kenya. It offers cover for all types of private, commercial and special purpose vehicles at affordable rates in the market

CIC is one of the largest financial services provider in the East African region with headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. It also has operations in more than 5 other countries in the region including South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda and more. Listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), CIC has a capital base of 2.1 billions and over 1.3 million clients. It has its roots in the cooperatives movement but has now grown into the mainstream market. In 2012 the  CIC Group won The Annual Insurance Claims Settlement Award for consistently paying claims on time and has also been recognised as a pioneer in the innovation in the insurance market with the launch of the revolutionary M-BIMA mobile insurance product.

When it comes to insurance, CIC offers all types of general, medical and life insurance products in the market. In addition, it also offers asset and wealth management services not to mention pensions and annuities. For general, all covers ranging from motor, domestic, travel, fire burglary, marine, agriculture and all other customised products are offered.

For motor insurance, CIC offers the full range of motor insurance covers for all motor classes except the Matatu PSV and also the chauffeur driven and self drive vehicles unless taken in a fleet.  Among those offered are the comprehensive, Third party Only (TPO), Third Party Fire and Theft (TP F&T) for private, commercial, engineering and special purpose vehicles. CIC is the biggest car insurance company in the Kenyan market boasting of total premiums of KSh 4.9 Billions well ahead of the rest of the market.

The CIC Lady Auto is a special motor insurance product for the lady drivers in Kenya. It combines a large set of additional benefits and add-ons at a very friendly price.

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Some of these benefits include

  1. Lady Wellness check-up
  2. Handbag contents insurance
  3. Forced ATM withdrawal reimbursements
  4. Personal Accident cover
  5. Lost car keys replacement

CIC has taken up the new trend by car insurance companies in the market of opening up in house assessment centres. This means that in case of an accident, the accident vehicle is towed first any one of these assessment centres where the damage is quantified and then later on a garage is appointed to commence the repairs. While this procedure might take some time and slow down the motor insurance claims process, it helps to reduce the overall costs of the insurance claims.  This is because of the prevalence of fraud in the industry and the practice of service providers and garages colluding to inflate repair costs.

CIC Motor Insurance Package

Below is a table showing the CIC Third Party Only car insurance cover benefits and limits of liability

Benefit Limit
Third Party Property Damage 30,000,000
Third Party bodily injury Unlimited
Emergency medical expenses 50,000
Passenger Liability – per person 5,000,000
Passenger Liability – per year 20,000,000

CIC Car Insurance Rates

CIC is a leader in the industry yet it remains relatively affordable and competitive in the market when it comes to insurance rates for cars. For the Third Party Only (TPO) cost, it is charged at the standard rate of KSh 7,574 for customers going directly to CIC offices. However, check out where you can buy this TPO cover at an exclusive price of KSh 5,525.

For the comprehensive car insurance, get this all inclusive cover at varying rates depending on the age and value of your vehicle starting from as low as 3.5% of the value of your car.


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