BRITAM Car Insurance Cover

BRITAM is the third largest car insurer in Kenya and offers cover for all kinds of motor vehicles except the MATATU industry. These are some of the details of the BRITAM motor cover.

British American (BRITAM) is one of the largest insurance and investments companies in the region with areas of operation from Kenya, Malawi, South Sudan, Rwanda, Mozambique, Uganda and Tanzania. In Kenya, BRITAM is the second largest life insurance company closely behind the industry leader JUBILEE. BRITAM is listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange and boasted of record profits of KSh 1.4 Billions half-year profits in 2018.

BRITAM car insurance is of the largest insurance portfolios in Kenya totalling to KSh 2.5 billions in premiums at position number 4 in the market. On the list of the top car insurance companies, BRITAM comes behind CIC Insurance, UAP Old Mutual Insurance and APA insurance company. It underwrote car insurance premiums of KSh 2.6 Billions in 2017 putting it in third place. Similar to the rest of the industry, it also suffered a big underwriting loss in this class of close to KSh 600 millions

BRITAM offers car insurance for private vehicles, commercial vehicles and also the popular class of chauffeur driven vehicles operating on the ride hailing apps like UBER, Taxify and LITTLE. In addition it also offers car insurance for hired vehicles, these are vehicles, which are leased out to members of the public who wish to self-drive.

The BRITAM car insurance policy is divided into the following key sections:

1. Accidental loss or damage to own vehicle

This may be resulting from the collision, overturning, fire damage or theft of whole or part of the vehicle.

2. Third Party Liabilities – legal liabilities arising out of ownership or use:

This includes damage to property and belonging of other people, vehicles and buildings. In addition to death and injury of pedestrians and members of the public and death and injury to pedestrians

3. Emergency Medical Expenses to driver or passengers or pedestrians following an accident

This policy covers different types of vehicles including the private motor vehicles, commercial vehicles like lorries and pickups for commercial and own goods carriage and last also the PSV chauffeur driven vehicles like UBER and Taxify vehicles.

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The BRITAM motor insurance cover also gives the following special benefits:

i. Free cover for windscreen, theft of audio and video accessories which are not subject to excess

ii. Free cover for spare wheel, jack and tool box for the insured vehicle

iii. Free cover for protection, recovery & towing after accident

iv. Non Claim Discount (NCD) – this goes up to 60% depending on the number of years for not claiming

v. Discount on fleets of vehicles of size ranging from three vehicles and more

vi. Flexible premium rates and terms

vii. Cover for damage to vehicles in the custody of Motor Trader or Garage

viii. Geographical scope – Kenya, but can be extended to other East African countries on request

x. Authority for emergency repairs up to an agreed limit as per the car insurance policy document


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