NEW Heritage Auto Correct Car Insurance

Heritage auto correct car insurance is a brand new innovative product in the market that rewards well driving customers.

Heritage insurance company of Kenya launched a brand new innovative car insurance product on July 24th 2019 in Nairobi. The South African owned company has taken a step forward in the innovative space to drive the insurance market forward in Kenya. The Auto Correct product uses telematics paired with a smart phone application to track the driving performance of customers. It is a comprehensive insurance product developed in partnership with telematics experts to reward customers who drive safely and well.

Telematics refers to a method of capturing and processing driving data. It is commonly used for pricing insurance in a way that promotes safe driving. Insurance and telematics have been on the market in many parts of the world for the last couple of years e.g. Discovery car insurance in South Africa and the UK where it is called Black Box car insurance.

How Does It Work?

On the AutoCorrect car insurance cover, a telematics device is fitted in your vehicle. The device sends driving style information to Heritage Insurance that is analysed to and out how safely you drive. Heritage Insurance provides you with a summary of the information collected from your telematics device on your mobile phone. This includes your driving score, tips on how to improve your score, a review of your trips among others.

Some of the information collected by the telematics device include :

  • Distance travelled
  • Date and Time
  • Driving style : how you accelerate, brake and negotiate corners

The device is also capable of collecting information on other engine functions such as temperature and engine rotations, but these are not used for insurance purposes. For drivers with good scores of 90+ out of 100, they can recoup up to a maximum of 15% of their annual motor insurance premiums

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Benefits of Auto Correct


  • Get up to 15% cash back on annual paid premiums
  • Rewards good driving through a loyalty program
  • Provides access to a mobile app and an online portal that provides up-to-date driver feedback
  • Provides useful information which can speed up the claims process


In addition to getting rewarded in cash, customers can also choose to redeem their points at the following list of growing establishments:

  • Artcaffe
  • Text Book Centre
  • Bata
  • Healthy U
  • Carnivore & Roast
  • Urban Gourmet Burger
  • Chandarana Supermarkets
Insurance Premium Financing

In addition to developing the Auto Correct, Heritage Insurance has an exclusive partnership with Safaricom to provide affordable and convenient insurance premium financing for customers. It is available on the Safaricom mobile network by dialling *234# and choosing option 7. Bloom IPF and following the prompts.


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