School Bus Insurance Kenya

Motor insurance is one of the mandatory classes of insurance in the Kenyan market with the minimum being the Third Party Only (TPO) insurance. School buses therefore require insurance to be on the road as well. A majority of all school buses will be painted in a bright yellow with the name of the school inscribed across the side in black. They can only be used to ferry school going children / adults and they can not engage in fare paying passengers like PSV vehicles. This class of vehicles has a special status when it comes to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA). On top of the mandatory painting and labelling, they are also expected to maintain the highest safety standards and mandatory annual re-inspection. Many schools take out insurance for these vehicles as a package together with insurance covers for assets and liabilities for the entire school and its business. In this article we discuss more on the particular school bus cover and also list some two examples of the common insurance companies offering it.

CIC School Bus

The CIC School Bus insurance is one of the most popular ones in the market. The company has a rich network of cooperatives and SACCOs across the country which has allowed it to get a consistent supply of business

The table below shows a summary of some of the benefits of CIC School Bus insurance.

LIMIT Kenya Shillings
Third Party Property Damage 5,000,000
Towing 50,000
Emergency Medical Expenses 30,000
Repair Authority 50,000
Windscreen 30,000
Radio Cassette 20,000
No Blame No Excess FREE
Vehicle Valuation FREE
Riot, Strike and Civil Commotion FREE
Geographical Limit East Africa

The insurance also provides cover for the students at a fee of KSh 250 charged on each sitting capacity of the bus. This is the passenger legal liability component.

The ratings for this insurance start at 4% of the sum insured (market value of the school bus) as the basic comprehensive cover which does not include the political violence and terrorism cover and the excess protector for own damage. Check out more details on the CIC cover

BRITAM School Bus Enhanced Policy

It is an insurance package aimed at covering the various risks school bus owners are exposed to in running the business. School bus, Personal accident, Windscreen, Radio cassette, Medical expenses, Accessory – Alternator/Starter, political risks & terrorism (optional).

The rate charged is 3.75% of the sum insured (market value of the bus) per annum which is inclusive of the political violence and terrorism cover.The passenger legal liability is charged at KSh 200 per person. The package also includes a personal accident cover for the death and permanent total disability (PTD) for up to KSh 250,000.


If you are looking for a quote for a school bus insurance or any other vehicle insurance, then get in touch with us to compare all the prices, benefits and different motor insurance companies in the Kenya market. Give us a call on 0800723340 or send an email to . Alternatively start an online chat with one of our insurance sales advisors to get more information.


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Best Luxury Sports Cars for 2020

In this article we look at the top cars for the luxury sport segment.

2019 Porsche Boxster

This German machine is the standout performer in this class, which has traditionally been dominated by Porsche. It is a 2-seater coupe with a sturdy engine-pumping out up to 365 Horsepower. It has one of the best handling of competitors in this segment. Among the only noticeable cons it has limited trunk space which is not far off from other competitors in the class.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette

This All American Chevrolet is an exhilarating sports car that transforms into a convertible at the touch of a button. In this class, it has one of the most high tech and driver focused cabins yet still possesses ample cargo space. Perhaps its strongest spec is the 495 Horsepower rivalling even much bigger machines in the SUV segment

2020 Lexus LC

The Lexus is the luxury division of the Toyota and it is marketed in over 70 locations becoming the top selling premium vehicle brand from Japan. IN the luxury sports cars segment the 2020 Lexus LC boasts of a hybrid powertrain, great elegance and performance. The highest spec model outputs up to 471 Horsepower giving a great blend of agility and comfort.

2020 Porsche 911

The fully redesigned Porsche 911 is another top performer in this segment. This is a classic from the German automaker, it is a 2 door high performance rear-engined sports car that debuted on the market in 1963. It has since remained a classic in mainstream fashion, movies and television. 2020 model is fully redesigned boasting of an exquisite cabin, 443 Horsepower and both RWD and AWD drive train.

2020 AUDI R8

The 2020 model has been redesigned with 2 naturally aspirated engines giving out up to 611 Horsepower, among the highest in this class. Boasting of comfortable seats, excellent handling and a very powerful engine, the AWD German sports car is also a regular feature in Hollywood blockbusters like Avengers and Spiderman.

Car Insurance Quote

If you are a proud owner of a top end luxury machine like the above, you will need a fully comprehensive and bulletproof car insurance policy. When it comes to this breed of vehicles, many insurers may not be comfortable with offering cover because of the high risk involved as well as the exceptional cost in sourcing for spare parts and repairs in the event of an accident. Talk to us today to find out what kind of options are available or view some sample motor insurance quotes online


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Top 5 Luxury SUV Cars of 2020

For the start of the year, we have decided to look at the high-end segment of the SUV market. Looking at the Kenyan market, some of the most popular SUVs are the Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Prado, Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery and Nissan Patrol. In this article, we look at some of the latest models defining the luxury SUV segment.

2020 Lincoln Navigator

This all American motor ranks at the top of the luxury SUV class. It has a roomy opulent interior and provides a tonne of cargo space. A punch engine and serene ride
This is a 7seater monster SUV boasting of both RWD and 4 Wheel Drive and 450 Horse Power. The power comes from a twin-turbocharged V6 engine. The Navigator has a high towing capacity and decent fuel economy. Where its competitors slightly edge it out is the V8 engine and also the luxury cabin.
Starting price : $76,000

Mercedes Benz G Class

The refreshed Benz is a long time jewel in the luxury SUV market and the latest refresh continues the trend. This SUV has always been incredibly capable, but it now offers the refinement and technological prowess of a premium luxury vehicle with up to 577 Horsepower. Among the pros is the incredible off-road ability, powerful engine and top notch cabin. However this power comes at a cost, it is a true gas guzzler and comes in at a very high price tag.
Starting price : $125,000


Land Rover Range Rover

It is a classic of the luxury SUV market all over the world, common in European and African markets. It’s a class leader when it comes to off-roading, and it boasts a refined ride and spacious seats. It boasts comfortable seats, robust powertrain options, a serene ride, incredible off-road proficiency. The only major cons are the subpar reliability ratings, which has plagued this class for the last decade.
Starting price : $91,000

Mercedes Benz GLS

Joining its bigger brother the G Wagon is the more stylish GLS class. The redesigned model for 2020 ranks highly in the luxury market. Boasting 7 seats and a minimum of 362 Horsepower, this is a true German machine with some of the smoothest handling. It has strong engine choices, well-balanced ride and handling, lavish room cabin.
Starting price : $75,000


2020 BMW X7 Review

The 2020 version of this German machine boasts 7 seats, up to 523 Horsepower and an AWD drive train. It combines strong engine performance and composed handling with a spacious and well-trimmed interior that has mostly user-friendly features. The base model starts out with a 3.0 litre turbo charged six-cylinder engine with 335 horsepower.
Starting price : $74,000

Getting Car Insurance?

If you are looking for a car insurance quote, it is important to compare at least 5 options in order to make sure you are getting a good deal. Check out to compare up to 10 quotes online. For these high value vehicles, get comprehensive car insurance cover for as low as 2.5% of the value of the vehicle.

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5 ways to get cheaper car insurance in Kenya

Here are 5 simple ways to get a saving on your car insurance premium in Kenya.

According to Kenyan law, car insurance is mandatory for anyone to operate a vehicle on Kenyan roads. Third party car insurance is the minimum required cover for motor owners. A large percentage of motor vehicle owners use comprehensive motor insurance. The annual cost of this can vary from as low as KSh 18,000 all way to over KSh 500,000 depending on the market value of the vehicle. Below are 5 simple ways in which you can get a saving on your insurance costs whether buying a new car or renewing your existing car insurance policy!


With the advent of online shopping in Kenya with the likes of and, you can also go online and shop for financial services like credit cards, bank accounts and last but not least insurance. Using websites like, online price comparison portals, you can check the cost of insurance, benefits, limits and more from many different insurance companies in the market all at your fingertips. In addition, you can also compare with insurance company websites like jubilee insurance, old mutual insurance which offer live prices on their respective websites. In addition, check out new products in the market like Heritage Auto Correct motor insurance policy. It is geared at savvy customers and use telematics to score and rate your With the advent of technology, the customer now truly has choices in the market, convenience, savings and transparency. So next time you are shopping for your new car insurance or renewal policy, start your journey online before you bother heading offline into company offices, agents and brokers.

Remove non-essential add-ons

When purchasing your car insurance, look closely at the quote to verify the add-ons section. These are normally the insurance options on top of the basic car insurance cover. The most common ones are the excess protector for own damage, excess protector for theft, political violence and terrorism cover, courtesy car, towing and rescue by AA Kenya and Infama and more. So if you want to get your insurance costs down, review these optional add-ons and decide whether it makes sense for your particular needs to get rid of them.

Compare 10 car insurance quotes online!

Use Your NCD

The No Claims Discount (NCD) is a scheme that was introduced in the Kenyan insurance market to reward good drivers with clean claims record. This is a common concept in other developed markets overseas where a customer receives discounts on the cost of his insurance each they spend without claiming. In Kenya, the system has failed to take off because of lack of coordination between the different insurers in the market. However, with advance planning, a customer is able to get their NCD certificate and use it to shop around between different providers to get a good deal on their insurance cover. In addition, staying with a single insurer and proving a good claims record can give you the customer leeway in negotiating cheaper insurance rates.

Look out for offers

This is yet another way to get your motor insurance policy in Kenya at a cheaper price. Plan ahead before buying your car insurance or renewing you existing motor policy, many banks (bancassurance), brokers and online insurance platforms give out offers to attract new customers or retain existing ones. Discounts may apply to the motor insurance prices, offers for free fuel, shopping vouchers, credit card offers. These can help you pay less up front costs or receive rebates in the form of offers. However, it is important to calculate the total net savings on any offers and promotions because many times these offers may only be amounting to marketing gimmicks.


If you are looking to save up to 30% on your car insurance premiums, compare benefits and liability limits from up to 10 top car insurance companies in Kenya, then check out live quotes on the link below or get chatting with one of expert sales agents online.



Griffin insurance company has launched an online app based car insurance for the Kenyan market.

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A mobile-based insurance app is threatening to drive brokers out of town.

The service allows clients seeking motor insurance to log onto a firm’s platform to apply, pay and get cover from anywhere and at any time.

Upon purchasing a policy, a client receives an electronic version of the policy document via the app.

The online car insurance app, the brainchild of tech firm Griffins, eliminates the need for brokers and salespeople who have been blamed for taking payments but not submitting them to insurers, exposing clients to risk.

Griffin Insurance Company founder Jihan Abass and her team of technology experts created the insurance app to ease the woes customers encounter in dealing with brokers.

“The current insurance process is like using a feature phone in the age of smartphones; why would anyone use an old phone when newer technologies are available,” asks Ms Jihan, a graduate of Oxford University.


The company offers two types of cover — comprehensive and the mandatory third party only insurance.

The online application gets rid of the traditional paperwork and offers digital insurance services on the go.

Griffin marketing manager Ummulkher Mohamed said their team is on call around the clock to help customers in an emergency using the latest technology to deliver fast rescue in real-time at the click of a button.

The insured will, at the click of a button, know the nearest police station, hospital, garage or security firm closer to the scene of accidents and seek the help they require.

For instance, when a motorist’s vehicle develops a puncture on a lonely or insecure road, one can request for security from the nearest patrol vehicle whose crew will stay with them until the problem is sorted.


Prospective clients will know the cost of their cover in seconds after uploading data onto the platform.

An assessor is then sent to the client to value the vehicle, validate it and issue an insurance sticker.

The platform enables clients to not only buy insurance policy but also other services.

“There is no need to call or drive to your insurance company and wait in line. From your app, you can do everything and so much more, including buying a policy, filing claims, finding a repair shop and requesting an ambulance. Everything is a click away,” said Ms Mohamed.

Clients will also be able to pay less for premiums with flexible cover tailored for their needs.

They will pick and adjust their period of insurance by choosing short-term or annual cover, depending on their needs. Customers are also able to pause their cover if they are not using the vehicle and reactivate it whenever they resume use.


Motorists will be able to downgrade their cover to only specific active benefits, excluding holiday and when a car is parked at home.

“You can save some money by paying your cover and only activating fire, theft and flood benefit, third party and accidental damage benefits, which will be put on pause because your car is not on the road, hence no risk,” said Ms Mohamed.

Drivers with less risk on the roads will pay less premium than those frequently on the road and, therefore, perceived to be more likely to be involved in accidents.

If a motorist sells a vehicle, they will have to cancel the policy via the app and return the insurance sticker to Griffin for a refund of part of their premium. However, this applies only to those who have not made any claim as at the time of cancellation and if the policy has not lasted for more than six months.

When a client cancels one’s policy through the app or the firm by issuing a 14-day notice, Griffin will refund the premium for the remaining period of insurance, based on applicable rates.

For more information, visit

ALLIANZ Kenya Car Insurance

Allianz car insurance is one of the best motor products on the market with great price and top service

Allianz Group is a global leader in insurance and asset management with a presence in over 70 countries across the world. It is a German multinational financial services provider headquartered in Munich, Germany. The global footprint gives the company a wide pool of knowledge and an unrivalled expertise in underwriting all classes of insurance. Africa, the company operates in 15 countries. The company has over 80 million customers served by over 140,000 employees. It had revenues of equivalent KSh 14.7 trillion in the year 2018. In Kenya, Allianz was licenced by the IRA in 2015 to offer both general and medical insurance covers for individuals and businesses.

For businesses, it offers tractor insurance, marine insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, aviation insurance, bond insurances, employee liability insurances and many more. Allianz Kenya brings top quality service, leading technical expertise and financial stability to the market.

Allianz Motor Insurance

Allianz motor insurance is one of the best products in the market yet still affordable. It has a wide range of extra benefits yet still at a pocket friendly price. The comprehensive covers provides the insured with indemnity against loss or damage to motor vehicles arising from accidental collision or overturning, fire, external explosion, self-ignition or lighting, burglary, housebreaking or theft, or malicious damage acts, and liability to third parties, passenger legal liability arising out of use of the motor vehicle including whistle in transit by road, rail, inland waterways lift or elevator while loading or unloading.

In addition to cover for windscreen, entertainment unit, passenger legal liability, third party property damage, the Allianz comprehensive private motor insurance also offers the following benefits at no extra cost.


Key Replacement following partial Theft 10,000
Forced ATM withdrawal/mobile money withdrawal 10,000
Personal Effects – Loss/Damage following accident 10,000
Theft of Lights and Indicators 10,000
Theft of Side Mirrors 10,000
Theft of Toolbox 10,000

To get a quote for private comprehensive or third party cover for Allianz Kenya, follow this link or get in touch with our trained staff via live chat. You can also compare over 10 other leading car insurance companies in the market online. Basic premium starts as low as KSh 20,000 per annum!



Why Car Insurance Rates Getting Expensive in Kenya?

With the car insurance industry making a loss of more than KSh 3.8 Billions in 2018, let’s compare Kenya, US and UK motor insurance rates to understand why.

The cost of living in Kenya has steadily risen affecting most households across the country. This has been driven largely by the high inflation rates caused by rise in overall food prices due to poor harvests and bad weather. Secondly, tightening of the overall government taxation regime has also had a large impact on many households. Case in point is the introduction of the 8% VAT on fuel which has previously been an exclusion. Car owners have been on the receiving end of this. As car insurance rates had climbed sharply at the start of the decade mandated by the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) in its circular stating minimum premium rates chargeable, stiff competition and price undercutting has forced the rates to come lower over the last few years. This has forced the general insurance companies in Kenya to suffer heavy losses in the car insurance business line. Let’s look deeper into the state of the motor insurance market in Kenya using data published by the Association of Kenyan Insurers (AKI) for the 2018 year.

Car Insurance Rates for Private Cars

Kenya imports just under 100,000 vehicles every year from second hand markets like Japan and Europe and the majority of them are private or PSV chauffeur driven purpose. Total gross premiums underwritten for motor private insurance were just over KSh 22.5 Billions for the year 2018 recording a 5% increase from the year before at KSh 21.5. This accounted for 18% of the total insurance market. Of the insurance premiums collected, just over KSh 14.3 was the total claims incurred by the insurance companies. Add to that another KSh 9.1 Billions in management expenses, commissions and third party costs and the industry fell into a loss of KSh 2.7 Billion for the motor private insurance business class.

The hardest hit car insurance companies were BRITAM, UAP General and Geminia insurance, suffering losses of 500, 306 and 295 millions respectively The profitable providers among the top car insurance companies in Kenya were AMACO and AIG and AIG at KSh 234 million and KSh 144 million respectively. Only 9 motor insurance companies reported a profit in this class of business further underlining the unsustainability of the current market regime.

There are multiple reasons that explain these persistent losses in this insurance class. First and foremost is the epidemic of fraud and criminality in the industry. Many consumers have gotten involved in rackets of criminals who are notorious for defrauding companies. There are many rings who engage in stealing and reselling spare parts, intentionally writing off motor vehicles for claims pay-outs.
In addition there are also fraudulent service providers like garages, assessors who have profited from car insurance claims.

Secondly, the stiff competition in the market has led to severe price undercutting by insurance companies in order to win business. The car insurance rates for private motorcars stands at roughly 3.5 – 4.5 % of the value of the car from most car insurance companies in Kenya. Jubilee insurance and APA insurance offer different insurance rates depending on the age and value of the vehicle but the majority of the industry still offers flat rates for all vehicles. Heritage insurance has also developed a telematics based product to cater to the market, it monitors the driving habits of the customer and rewards them with up to 15% cash back of their premiums for good performance. Check out our article for more details on the Heritage Auto Correct product.

While the IRA in Kenya had earlier mandated insurance companies to offer motor insurance covers in the range of 7% of the value of the vehicle, stiff competition and under cutting has led to the price decline to present levels.

Last not least, the lack of a centralised insurance data sharing system has also cost the insurance companies heavily. Many fraudulent claimants have taken advantage of this loophole to launch several claims during the same insurance period on a single motor vehicle. In this way they receive claims pay-outs from multiple insurance companies and make huge profits.

Motor Insurance rates for Commercial & PSV

The commercial motor insurance segment fares much better in terms of profitability of the general insurance underwriters in Kenya.

From the table presented below, the segment made an underwriting loss of of KSh 1.1 Billions. Although not profitable, this fares much better than the private market segment.

This business has also greatly benefited from the professionalisation of the PSV motor insurance segment. With the advent of UBER, BOLT and LITTLE cabs in the Kenyan app hailing market, this has driven the uptake and compliance of PSV motor insurance for chauffeur driven cars used on these apps.

The growing concern is the increasing losses from partial and total theft and the high accident rates on these app hailing cars. These apps allow the driver to drive for long periods of time up to 18 hours a day. This has increased the number of accidents and insurance claims. It is because of this that the rates for PSV motor insurance companies have gone up to a basic of 6% of the value of the car. Most companies are have also set a minimum premium irrespective of the rates in a bid to cushion themselves against losses. In addition, most PSV insurance companies in Kenya have shied away from covering these vehicles on the market due to the heavy losses incurred.

Table showing a summary of the car insurance market in Kenya 2018.

Motor class Car Insurance rate (basic) 2018 insurance premiums 2018 insurance


Motor commercial 6% for PSV chauffeur 23.6 billions 13.8 billions 1.1 Billions loss
Motor private 4% 22.5 billions 14.3 billions 2.7 Billions loss
Comparison of Car Insurance rates in Kenya vs. USA & UK

While most motorists in Kenya will start to about the rising cost of car insurance, car owners in other parts of the world have it a lot worse! In Europe and North America, the rates for insuring a car can be even higher than the cost of the car! This is because the ratings are based on the risk profile of the insured customer and not the vehicle itself.

For the USA, the average car insurance annual premiums were USD 1,308 (equalling KSh 131,000) with the highest state clocking in at USD 2,060 (nearly KSh 200,000) per annum. In the USA, car insurance rates vary very drastically state by state and also depending on the age of the insured, the young drivers are charged very high rates because they are notoriously more dangerous behind the wheel. It is not uncommon for young adults to pay as high as USD 5,000 per annum for their car insurance. The rates are also split by gender where ladies typically pay slightly lower rates for their premiums. The second example is England, while it is possible to buy a good 2nd hand vehicle for less than 500 British Pounds, the car insurance on such for a young driver can quite easily reach 1,000 pounds per annum !

The type of car insured also affects the rates significantly, for shiny sports cars like Ferraris, one can expect to pay very high insurance premiums compared to ordinary family sedans and vans. This is one similarity with Kenya where some insurance companies charge high car insurance rates for specific types of cars like BMWs, Subarus and the likes. In fact, in the local market, AIG has stopped insuring certain types of vehicles because of the high claims ratios year after year. Because of the different factors that go into pricing for a car insurance for any one customer, buyers in Western markets have to shop around online using comparison platforms in order to get the best car insurance rates on the market. It is really compare and save save !!


Are you looking for a car insurance quote ? Do you want to compare up to 10 insurance quotes online from the leading underwriters in Kenya? Check out Third Party Only (TPO) and Comprehensive quotes from as low as KSh 2,049!
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Motorcycle Insurance Policy: Types & Cost

Compare private, commercial and PSV BodaBoda insurance covers and providers. BUY Online insurance in Kenya

The motorcycle market in Kenya has grown exponentially in the last 5 years owing to the increasing traffic nightmare in urban centres and the low cost for the rural areas. While a second hand vehicle goes for average KSh 500,000, a new motor bike starts from as low as KSh 90,000. All the big global motor cycle brands like Honda, TVS, Hero and Bajaj have positioned themselves to take a share of the Kenyan market. From the Kenyan Traffic Act Cap 405 motor cycles just like cars require a minimum of third party insurance to operate on Kenyan road. This is mandatory and any motorcycle found without this insurance risks court fines and jail time. This is one of the areas the now famous ‘Matiangi Rules’ was tasked to reform, the issuance of motorcycle licences and the affordability of comprehensive motorcycle insurance and NHIF medical insurance.
It is estimated that there are over 700,000 motorcycle operators in the market and the number will soon reach over 1 million. The Matiangi Rules therefore was tasked with developing a comprehensive framework to govern this industry.
In this article we look at the different types of insurances available for private, commercial and PSV BodaBoda motorbikes including benefits, liability limits and costs.


These are the least common classes of motorcycles on Kenyan roads. Unlike in the West where motor cycles are common means of transport, Kenyans have not yet embraced purchasing and using motor bikes for personal and family errands. In India for example, over 21 million motorcycles were sold in 2018 according to this research. The largest percentage of this is in private and family use. This figure has doubled from 2010 when just over 11 million motor bikes were sold. Kenyans have failed to embrace the motorcycle market because of lack of public infrastructure in the form of lanes specially designed for motor bikes. In addition, there is a high rate of accidents on these two wheelers which has discouraged many people.

There is a comprehensive insurance cover and a Third Party Only (TPO) insurance cover for these motorcycles. The comprehensive cover covers any accidental damage to the motor cycle and repair costs, third party property damage and also third party bodily injuries. This is different from the TPO insurance while only covers third party liabilities in the form of property damage and bodily injuries.

Insurance Costs
For this class of motorcycles, the most affordable option is the Third Party Only (TPO) insurance which goes for KSh 3,054 per annum. However, is advisable to take on a comprehensive cover which is priced at 3% of the market value of the motorcycle with a minimum premium of KSh 5,000 per annum. There are 2 important add-ons that are recommended and that is the excess protector for own damage and the political violence and terrorism cover which are charged at 0.25% of the motorcycle value with a minimum of KSh 1,000 each.


This segment used to be the biggest one in the market before the PSV motorbikes exploded in popularity over the last three years. These are commonly used as delivery motor bikes for parcels and small goods within urban areas in Kenya. They are owned by small and big enterprises alike as well as delivery companies like Sendy, G4S, DHL and many others. They are strictly licenced to carry goods and not passengers. A new business line has since emerged which is the foods business. Spurred on by the rise of JUMIA FOOD, UBER Eats, GLOVO and many more, Kenyans are embracing fast food dining and this has rapidly grown this segment.

Insurance Costs
The pricing of the insurance for commercial is exactly the same as that for the private motor bikes discussed above. They are seen to be in the same risk category by insurers in the Kenyan market.


This segment has seen rapid explosion with the introduction of app hailing from international and local companies like UBER, BOLT and SafeBODA. These companies have revolutionised this market and over the last 3 years, it has more than doubled in Kenya. Thanks to the unbearable traffic jams in urban areas like Nairobi, many have opted to use the two-wheeler transport to get around during the rush hours. These need a special type of motor cycle insurance cover that allows them to carry fare paying passengers with the associated passenger legal liability.

Insurance Cost
This is the most risky category of motor cycles on the road. It is for this reason that most insurance companies don’t offer cover to this category. A select number of insurers cover this class and the costs are significantly higher as a result. The TPO insurance for this starts at KSh 3,556 per annum.

The full comprehensive package starts at KSh 7,986 per annum from select insurers. It is important to note that it does not include the additional options of excess protector and political violence and terrorism cover.
Talk to us to find out more about our special BODA BODA PSV insurance cover.

The table below shows the benefits offered and liabilities covered by our special PSV BODA BODA motorcycle insurance scheme.

Benefit Limit (KSh)
Towing 10,000
Medical expenses 30,000
Passenger Legal Liability Included
No Blame No Excess Included
Authorised Repair 10,000
Personal Accident Cover – Death 100,000
Personal Accident Cover – PTD 100,000
Third party property damage 1,000,000
Third Party injuries Unlimited
Passenger Legal Liability 2,000,000, per an event 10,000,000

If you are looking for a quote for a private, commercial or PSV BODABODA insurance cover, compare the benefits, limits and prices offered by different providers on the market. Speak to us today to find out what covers are available in the market. Prices start from KSh 3,054 per annum!
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Commercial Car Insurance: Costs & Benefits

Commercial motor insurance for own goods carriage and general cartage, comprehensive and third party only including personal accident cover, goods in transit and other addons

Car insurance is a mandatory requirement for all vehicles to operate on the road in Kenya as mandated by the Kenyan law CAP 405.There are 3 main classes of classes – private, commercial and passenger service vehicles (PSV). In this article, we take a look into commercial vehicle insurance cover both Third Party Only (TPO) and comprehensive insurance. The total premiums for car insurance for 2017 totalled to KSh 36 Billions and commercial vehicle insurance premiums accounted for KSh 23.2 Billions of that. Let’s look at the two types of vehicle classes under the commercial category and find out the insurance covers offered.

Own Goods Carriage

This is the most common class of commercial vehicles on the road. These are typically pickups, lorries and other small trucks that are owned by the insured for the transportation of the insured’s own goods.

Comprehensive Insurance

This will cover the motor vehicle insured from all risks including accidental and malicious damage, fire, theft, natural hazards like storms, flooding, earthquake, thunder, riots and civil commotion. It is charged at a rate of 4% of the value of the insured vehicle subject to a minimum premium of KSh 20,000 – 25,000.

In addition, there are two popular options recommended with this cover:

Compare 10 car insurance quotes online!

Excess protector for Own Damage

This is very popular for all classes of comprehensive motor insurance. In case of an accident to the insured vehicle, an excess of 5% of the vehicle value applies subject to a minimum of KSh 20,000. This means the insured has to contribute towards the cost of repairs. Check out our article on how excess protector works to get a more detailed understanding.

This add-on therefore protects the insured against these expenses provided the total repair costs are above the minimum excess amount.

The excess protector for own damage option is charged at 0.25% of the value of the car subject to a minimum premium of KSh 2,500.

Political Violence and Terrorism

Damage or loss from any event of a political violence or terrorism (PVT) nature is a complete exclusion in most insurance policies worldwide. The PVT is a standalone add-on to be added to an existing policy. For commercial comprehensive car insurance in Kenya, it is charged at a rate of 0.25% of the value of the vehicle subject to a minimum of KSh 2,500.

Third Party Only

This is the most affordable cover for this class of vehicles and is also the minimum insurance requirement for vehicles to operate on the road in Kenya. It covers third party property damages and bodily injuries. It is important to remember that it does not cover damage, loss and theft of the insured vehicle. It is charged based on the tonnage of the insured vehicle. The below table gives typical rates charged for this Third Party Only cover.


Tonnage Basic Premium (KSh)
0-3 7,500
4-8 12,000
9-10 18,000
11-20 20,000
21-30 25,000

The below table also shows the coverage on a typical insurance policy with the liabilities covered and their respective limits.

Benefit/Liability Limit (KSh)
Emergency medical expenses 30,000
Third Party Property Damage 20,000,000
Third Party bodily injury per event Unlimited
Passenger Liability – per person 4,000,000
Passenger Liability – per year 20,000,000
General Cartage Vehicles

From the coverage for the own goods carriage vehicles in the above section, the policy for general cartage is very similar. This is commonly taken by transport companies that offer their services for reward. Some of the popular transport companies include DHL, Multiple Hauliers, etc.

Compare 10 car insurance quotes online!

Comprehensive Insurance

This is charged at a rate of about 4.5% of the value of the vehicle subject to a minimum premium of KSh 25,000. This rate applies for a single vehicle, most customers have a fleet of vehicles and they are likely to enjoy additional discount on the price. The other recommended add-ons like the excess protector for own damage and the political violence and terrorism cover are charged at a rate of 0.3-0.5% of the value of the vehicle

Third Party Only Insurance

This is more common than the comprehensive insurance for this class of vehicles. This is because the insured vehicles are large trucks, lorries and trailers. In case of an accident on the road, they don’t suffer much damage due to their big size and robust construction and body. Instead it is other vehicles on the road that suffer damage. For this reason, owners of these general cartage vehicles prefer to take out third party only insurance instead of the comprehensive cover which is also much more expensive. The price for this cover starts at KSh 12,500 per annum from most insurers subject to fleet size.

Personal Accident Insurance cover

This is another common add-on for commercial insurance policies in Kenya. It is a life insurance policy that covers death, Permanent Total Disability (PTD), Temporary Total Disability (TTD), Emergency medical expenses in case of accident for one driver and one loader for events suffered in the course of duty. Limits can be all the way up to KSh 500,000 but various options are also available from as low as KSh 100,000. This is a very affordable cover starting at KSh 1,000 per annum per person covered.

Loss of Income / Loan repayment

This is an extra add-on that is common with insurance for commercial vehicles. In the event that the insured vehicle is involved in an accident, it may be off the road in the garage for some time. Most of the vehicles on this category are financed by loans from banks and other financial institutions. Therefore this add-on helps the insured to continue repaying the bank loans as the vehicle is being worked on in the garage. Many insurance companies give up a maximum of 3 monthly repayments to be covered, which allows ample time for the vehicle to be repaired and back on the road earning.

Goods In Transit (GIT) Insurance

This GIT policy offers protection against loss, destruction, or damage to goods whilst they are in transit – from the time of leaving the insured’s premises to final delivery point. This is common with clients who possess vehicles that they use to ferry their goods from premises to customer locations or branch to branch for example.

The policy also protects the insured from liability during loading and unloading of the goods, and temporary housing in the course of transit.

Carrier’s Liability Insurance

This is a common add-on used mainly by transporter companies who do general cartage on behalf of clients.

This policy covers and indemnifies a carrier against their legal liability for actual and physical loss of or damage to goods or merchandise directly caused by fire and or accident to the insured vehicle whilst such goods or merchandise are actually transported in the said vehicle on condition that:

– Fire or accident has arisen
– Such damage or loss has been caused due to negligence or criminal acts of the insured’s servants.
– Vehicle is damaged by fire or explosion or accident.
– That a claim in respect of the motor vehicle thereof is admitted under motor comprehensive insurance policy covering the vehicle.

The rate charged for this is normally an average of 0.35% of the value of the goods being carried.


If you are shopping around for a motor insurance for your commercial vehicle or fleet, it is wise to compare quotes from multiple insurers in the market to get a good deal. Compare up to 10 quotes online and save up to 30% on your premiums, visit

NEW Heritage Auto Correct Car Insurance

Heritage auto correct car insurance is a brand new innovative product in the market that rewards well driving customers.

Heritage insurance company of Kenya launched a brand new innovative car insurance product on July 24th 2019 in Nairobi. The South African owned company has taken a step forward in the innovative space to drive the insurance market forward in Kenya. The Auto Correct product uses telematics paired with a smart phone application to track the driving performance of customers. It is a comprehensive insurance product developed in partnership with telematics experts to reward customers who drive safely and well.

Telematics refers to a method of capturing and processing driving data. It is commonly used for pricing insurance in a way that promotes safe driving. Insurance and telematics have been on the market in many parts of the world for the last couple of years e.g. Discovery car insurance in South Africa and the UK where it is called Black Box car insurance.

How Does It Work?

On the AutoCorrect car insurance cover, a telematics device is fitted in your vehicle. The device sends driving style information to Heritage Insurance that is analysed to and out how safely you drive. Heritage Insurance provides you with a summary of the information collected from your telematics device on your mobile phone. This includes your driving score, tips on how to improve your score, a review of your trips among others.

Some of the information collected by the telematics device include :

  • Distance travelled
  • Date and Time
  • Driving style : how you accelerate, brake and negotiate corners

The device is also capable of collecting information on other engine functions such as temperature and engine rotations, but these are not used for insurance purposes. For drivers with good scores of 90+ out of 100, they can recoup up to a maximum of 15% of their annual motor insurance premiums

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Benefits of Auto Correct


  • Get up to 15% cash back on annual paid premiums
  • Rewards good driving through a loyalty program
  • Provides access to a mobile app and an online portal that provides up-to-date driver feedback
  • Provides useful information which can speed up the claims process


In addition to getting rewarded in cash, customers can also choose to redeem their points at the following list of growing establishments:

  • Artcaffe
  • Text Book Centre
  • Bata
  • Healthy U
  • Carnivore & Roast
  • Urban Gourmet Burger
  • Chandarana Supermarkets
Insurance Premium Financing

In addition to developing the Auto Correct, Heritage Insurance has an exclusive partnership with Safaricom to provide affordable and convenient insurance premium financing for customers. It is available on the Safaricom mobile network by dialling *234# and choosing option 7. Bloom IPF and following the prompts.


If you want to compare up to 10 car insurance quotes online, benefits, price, limits of liability, talk to us now. You can also visit to compare quotes online. Prices start from as low as KSh 5,063 for third party only motor insurance policies and KSh 20,000 for comprehensive cover